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Hi! 👋 Im a software engineering student at Harare Institute Of Technology welcome to my website feel free to browse through.

About Me

Here is a short story about me 😃

I started programming when I was 16, since then i have always been a fan of technology. I like improving myself by getting involved in as many projects as I can, if you want me to do a project for you [Contact Me]. I am currently in my 2nd year at Harare Institute Of Technology studying Software Engineering, my areas of interest are Web Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you can checkout some of my work at GitHub. I am also a member of HIT Web Tech as current Chairperson.

My Tools

I use these tools to do my Web Development, Desktop Development, Mobile Development and Machine Learning




Vue Js





Contact Me

👉 So if you need a software system developed, I'm your guy. I can develop a website with a sleek design, I can also develop mobile and desktop applications and systems. Just contact me at



Leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible